Friday, October 24, 2008

Hari Raya ... Lankawi ~

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..... " i should wrote this before " ......

1 Week before the trip ..

Anyway , before hari raya i was not sure even to choose Sabah or Lankawi .. after 3 days of asking and seeing pictures ,, my , Hesham , Aziz ( hosemate ) and his frend Roxy " both from Russia" .. we desided to visit Lankawi .

we went to buy everything needful for the trip from Midvally and KLCC ..

2 Days before the trip ..

We finished or school and we are so excited .. coz u passed the 107 ( ELS )
,, then we went to KL Sentral to buy the bus ticket " 2 ways " .. at night i closed my rooms door and got ready for " The cloths part " .. i brought my " trips bag " .. and opened my closet to take some cloths and swimming staff and some shoes " actually it was 1 shoes only " ... after i finished preparing for the trip i clean my self in the bath .. then i sweeit sleep .. the next day i woke up on my housemates kicking on my rooms door telling me to wake up , coz i had to clean the flat with him .. i just took my breakfast and started cleaning ,, cleaning and cleaning ...... still cleaning ,,, finally .. the apartment is shining .. after that a normal day until ...

The D day ..

The next day we had to wake up at 7 am .. the bus will move at 10 am ,, but it's quite far from where we stay , anyway we took a fast shower and 7.30 we were at the taxi on our way to the train ,, after that we met Hesham and Roxy at the bus station .. it was about 9.20 ,, so we went to Starbucks " ooooooh " wonderful breakfast ,, then we got to the bus at 9.50 .. then we started to move .. after 4 hours we stopped in a station for a 30 min break .. we bough some food and drinks ,, " time is going and going " after another 4 hours we arrived on Kuala Perlis " scary town " ... we stayed in a hotel for 1 night only ... the next morning we woke up at 10 am .. then run to the ferry to Lankawi at 10.30 ,, after 45 min on " the boring ferry " we got to the island .. it was so bueatiful ,, many tourists with us were taking picturs . then we found a taxi .. ( that was after 15 min from geting out the ferry , coz we didn't found anyone of them " taxi driver " who could speak english well ) ... then we went to our hotel " 4 stars nice hotel with swimming pool " i forgot the name .. sorry ,, but the 1 thing i still remember is that our hotel is 2 min walking away from Lankawi's airport ... anyway we went to the airport after we put our bags in the rooms ,, we went to eat lunch so we cuold go later the the beach to find a nice Chalet for the next 3 nights ... we finished the delicious lunch and we moved to the beach with our taxi driver .. we got to the beach " it was a wonderful beach realy bueatiful .. " many western ppl ,, hot girls ^_^ " and nice weather " ,, then we started to look for a nice chalet on the beach ,, after 40 min of looking we found our missing chalet .. it was good and with a good price too ,, we reserve it for 3 nights starting from the the next day ,, we stayed on the beach 4 couble hours ,, the it got dark and the ppl started to go to their chalet or night clubs ... but we went to town ,, it was a bet samll town with a nice ppl .. then we went to eat in a malay restaurant " i love it " .. we ate everything until we felt that we r going to blow up so we called our friend so he take us to our hotel .. after we got there ,, my friend Hesham wanted to go back to KL .. coz he had an ILS exam after 2 days ,, he wanted to prepar to it .. so i went with him to the airport tobut the ticket 4 him ,, he to a flight 4 the next day at the morning 11 am .. after that we went to the hotel and we put the our body on the bed 4 a lovely sleep ..

The next 3 days ..

The next day after we finished the breakfast and Hesham had gone to the airport to KL ,, we called the taxi driver to go to our chalet ... when we got there we throw our bags in the chalet in run to the beach ,, when we got there it was full of ppl from everywhere aruond the world .. we swim until our bodys got full of water :P ... after that we just go to our chalet to change or cloths .. then we went to " Underwater world " we had fun ,, next thing our stomch started to call for help .. so our eyes stopped on the italian restaurant " Ymmuy " ,, we took some spaghetti with a chicken soup and the big dish was a large super supreme pizza for us ... ( i wish i can just go back ther to eat it and come back again ) .. it was sooooo gooood ,, then we went to our chalet .. we watch a stand up comedy " so funny by Russell Peters " .. we were sleeping and video was palyed in the middel ..

next day Aziz ans Roxy woke up early ,, " i was still dreaming " .. they went to the beach and the took a motorcycle for 50 rm per day i think ,, anyway i woke uo ( SICK !! ) i was realy sick " stomach ache " i was so sad , coz on that day my friends and I were preparing to visit 4 other island in 4 hours ,, i stayed at home for the whole day .. after the got back i was a bet better ,, so i just went to buy some drinks and food from the market and went back home on my laptop , while my friends are driving the motorcycle out town ,, then i went to sleep i think on 10 pm " so early 4 bObO " and my friends were still out having fun <_> ...

Next morning i was a new person .. i felt good ,, so i took the motorcycle keys from Azizs pants and slowly i went out to drive it .. after 1 and half hour i got back home they were just woke up ,, so then we took our self out driving the motor on our way to town " we didn't know the road " so we just kept going and going until we got there by asking the ppl ,, we went to KFC to eat lunch .. after that we went back to the beach again " my face is black from the sun :P " .. after we finished we went to a seafoor reataurant ,, it looked a bet expensive so we just took as usual different dishs .. i took the steak with a frise and aziz to the vegetable soup with some chicken and rice .. for Roxy he took the shrimp with rice too ,, then we saw the massage next to the restaurant .. so we looked to ourselfs and smile ... then we took an 1 hour massage " it was my first time .. So good " after that we went back home preparing 4 our self to leave to KL the next day ..

The Hell day ..

We woke up at 6 am !! .. and we called our friend to drive us to the ferry station ,, then we thanked him for everything .. after we bought the 8 am ferry i saw Starbucks again ^^ .. so we had the breakfast there and then we went to the ferry on our way to Kuala Perlis .. when we got to KP .. it was raining cats and dogs .. so strong ,, then we jsut run to the bus station ,, it was near to the ferry station .. and we took the 10 am bus ,, we run to the market to buy some food and drinks .. the bus started to move .. i just put my MP3 and went 4 sleep ... i woke up after 2 hours find my self next to a fat big guy sleeping on me .. i tell wek him up .. he said he was sorry ... then ( AFTER 10 HOURS ON THE DAMN BUS !! ) we finally arrived to KL station .. so Roxy went home and my and Aziz took the train to our station ... finally we get home so EXHAUSTED !! i just open the acon and slept 4 more than 10 hours ...

That will be all ,, i hope u liked it ... See ya

PS : i tried to upload pictures but i didn't know why can't .. i will ask a friend next time .~:")

Wonderful Lunch ...

Hi everyone ...

today after school " Long day " i went with my lovely friends to KLCC ... to Chilis ^_^ ...
my two girls and two guys .. and of course " ME !! " .. we took different dishs ,,, and for me unfortunately my luck was bad " first time " i took the steak .. it was a bet good " i had to say " ... and for my friends they took some chicken and corn with french fries and dunn forget the drink ,, my friend Hesham was a bet moody from JoJo " crazy always " and Seraj was having a great time .. Sidney was a bet sick " poor " .. i was happy for sharing this day with them .. the important thing that we had a great time ,,, i hope to do it againe " soon " ... that's all for today .. sorry i dunn write much but ,, i will wirte more next time ... see Ya

by the way ... i hope u like it ^_*